Scott Warren

My name is Scott Warren and I am a Financial Educator. When I was at school, my career advice was always to work with numbers as that’s what I was good at. By the time I went to college, I was put onto an IT course which left me frustrated and confused. Following college, I just became a journeyman, finding a simple job to survive day to day. It started off as just weekend work before I work my way all the way up to senior management.

Then in 2016 I lost my job, my home and everything that comes with it, leaving me virtually homeless. I moved in with parents and was back to surviving day to day. Then by the time 2020 rolled around, I realised that using my skills and knowledge from working with my day-to-day finances I had put myself in a really strong position and it got me thinking about how I could use that knowledge to help other people who were struggling with their finances. From here I branched out into sole traders who I found were struggling to keep on top of their finances, and Saving Advice Hub was born. We aim to help sole-traders and business owners manage their finances, their cash flow, the pricing structure, and many more!