Application for Assistance

Please complete the form below as best you can with the information you currently have.
We are aware that you may not have the information to fill in all the required fields at present, depending on what stage of the start-up process you are at, so please simply mark any you can’t currently answer with N/A.

    Terms of application

    1. I am applying for assistance from Start-Talk-Grow and will be responsible for the project.

    2. I understand that if you should seek further information this does not necessarily indicate a successful application and that when a project is not supported then no explanation need be provided.

    3. This application does not form part of any contract to provide services and in the event of a successful application, any contract is solely between my Organisation and the professional firm providing that service and not Start-Talk-Grow.

    4. For publicity purposes (such as awareness raising campaigns and fundraising) it is useful for Start-Talk-Grow to be able to disclose the names of companies who have received help and (in general terms) the nature of the assistance given. Start-Talk-Grow therefore reserves the right to make such disclosure and we make this application on that understanding.

    5. It is also acknowledged that should the free of charge (probono) work lead to paid work then Start-Talk-Grow member(s) should be given the opportunity to quote for that work.