Frequently Asked Questions in Health & Safety

There are so many questions that you have to face when dealing with Health & Safety in the workplace that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Below I’ve listed a collection of the questions I get asked most often!

Does Health & Safety cost a fortune?

Absolutely not. The “cost” of H&S should be viewed as an investment, not a cost. A H&S failing resulting in an accident will soon show you the real cost (read the blog article “If you think H&S is expensive, try an accident).

If you carry out a H&S inspection and find failings you would inform the authorities?

No, I am there to help you become safe, compliant and reduce the risk of incidents. What we discuss is between us.

If I have a H&S inspection and there are lots of actions required, I may not be able to afford to complete all the actions at once?

Following the H&S inspection we would discuss the report prioritising the order of any work that is required.

Why do we need a Competent Person?

It is a legal requirement every business has a named Competent Person for their H&S.

We have completed our own risk assessment but how do we know we are on the right track?

I can review and discuss any obvious issues with you if that would help.

We use contractors, so they are liable for H&S failings, not us?

Wrong, you have a duty of care and can still be prosecuted along with the contractor.


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