Adam Fernandes

I’m Adam Fernandes, The Cloud Accountant. 
How would my clients describe me? Probably “fun”, “down to earth”, “not your average accountant”. I guess that’s because I am all those things. In fact, all the people who work with me are too!
But it doesn’t detract from my training, experience and qualifications.

I’m still a chartered accountant and a very good one at that. It’s just I have my own unique style and it’s one that my clients seem to absolutely love. 
Most people think they know what an accountant does – accounts, tax-returns, book-keeping, payroll…. but I feel that puts us in a very transactional box. So we offer more. We give all our clients regular meetings, the tools and advice they need to grow and a range of reports so they really understand what is going on with their business.