Meet the Team

Founding Team Members

Cristina Vannini-Goodchild

Cristina Vannini-Goodchild
– CVG Solutions

Having been a start-up myself I speak from experience when I say that for new starters and small businesses reputation and credibility is everything! CVG Solutions can help you to gain the necessary awareness and put in place all the required data protection measures proportionate to your business maturity and growth to help you stay on the right side of the law and strengthen your brand. We do so with a friendly approach and a bubbly personality.
Find out more about Cristina and why she started S-T-G.

Eric Siecker
– Rethink Business Advisors

Eric Siecker is a European and UK registered patent attorney (EPA, CPA) having experience in a broad range of technologies with expertise in mechanical engineering, especially in the automotive, heavy machinery, agriculture, mining and marine sectors.
Eric has been part of the IP leadership teams in both corporations and law firms enabling him to combine the two different skill sets those different IP environments demand. He is therefore very well positioned to counsel on all type of IP matters to start-ups, SMEs and large corporations alike.
Find out more about Eric Siecker and why he joined S-T-G.

Eric Sieker head shot
Kate Jennett

Kate Jennett
– Jennetts HR Solutions

Jennetts HR Solutions understands that start-up businesses are unlikely to have an in-house HR function, and may not have any knowledge or understanding of what is required of you as a business to be compliant with the law. Therefore, we will work in partnership with you by discussing your plans and ideas for the future and undertake an assessment of what you may or may not already have in place to determine the key areas of focus.
We will always discuss in detail your requirements and ensure the support provided will increase productivity and profits whilst lessening employment risks.
Find out more about Kate Jennett and why she joined S-T-G.

Andy Gilbert
– routeToWeb

A website designer and developer with over 25 years’ experience building creative solutions for your online presence. My creativity is within the code; however, as a trained graphic designer who has stepped into the dark side, I am happy working on designs within Photoshop and Illustrator.
I have integrated e-commerce into various sites. This has ranged from inserting PayPal links through to full blown e-commerce systems that have had a monthly income of in excess of £50k. There are many e-commerce solutions out there, WooCommerce is currently the most common. However, that’s not the only solution I frequently work with. PrestaShop is one of my favourites.
Find out more about Andy Gilbert and why he joined S-T-G.

Andy Gilbert

Adam Fernandes
– The Cloud Accountant

How would my clients describe me? Probably “fun”, “down to earth”, “not your average accountant”. I guess that’s because I am all those things. In fact, all the people who work with me are too!
But it doesn’t detract from my training, experience and qualifications. I’m still a chartered accountant and a very good one at that. It’s just I have my own unique style and it’s one that my clients seem to absolutely love. 
Find out more about Adam Fernandes and why he joined S-T-G.

Associate Team Members

Cate Caruth
– Creative Words

I’m Cate, and my business, Creative Words, writes content of all kinds. 
Plenty of small businesses feel overwhelmed by the need to ‘do something with their content’ and this is where we come in. We are their gift of time, helping them add value to their audience through great content which really expresses who they are. 
Every business is unique, and at Creative Words we pride ourselves on creating bespoke packages that are tailor-made for each client.
Find out more about Cate Caruth and why she joined S-T-G.

Grace Collyer
– Get Social with Grace

I’m Grace, and I help businesses grow their exposure and brand awareness through social media.
When there are so many things to juggle in a business, social media is often at the bottom of the priority pile. It can be daunting to approach for some, and for others they just don’t have the time or capacity to use it effectively for their business.
Find out more about Grace Collyer and why she joined S-T-G.

Sonny Kurmi
– SK Wealth Solutions

I am Sonny Kurmi from S K Wealth Solutions. I specialise in offering ‘simple yet highly effective solutions for clients that have complex financial needs’. Where I can add the most value is working with individuals such as self-employed, employed and legal professionals. I have worked in financial services for over 14 years within both the UK and internationally. This has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge, enabling me to offer a truly holistic financial solution to every client.
Find out more about Sonny Kurmi and why he joined S-T-G.

Steve Taylor
– ST Safety Services Ltd

I’m Steve of ST Safety Services – and I provide health and safety consultancy for small businesses.

I guide them, by explaining what basic measures must be put in place to avoid accidents and potential prosecution.

Find out more about Steve Taylor and why he joined S-T-G.

Scott Warren
– Savings Advice Hub

My name is Scott Warren and I am a Financial Educator. At Saving Advice Hub we help business owners become confident in what they charge and get the best value out of their products. This helps these business owners to get the business, and lifestyle, that they deserve.
Find out more about Scott Warren and why he joined S-T-G.

James Fowler
– Uptech (Marketing)

James was programming and working on PC’s from the age of 8, before he even had internet. But he followed a different path into Sales 24 years ago. He has sold everything from Pens and Paper, to Cars, to large design projects like The Shangri la hotel at the Shard London. This moved into Marketing as well, understanding some of the pitfalls and easy wins to be had. During COVID James took a diploma in Business management and Leadership, as well as LinkedIn courses and sales knowledge.

Find out more about James Fowler and why he joined S-T-G.

Jason Carlton
– Uptech (Tech Support)

I understand the challenges in starting out and running a business – having been a start-up over 30 years ago. It’s not easy starting out and can be daunting trying to make new connection, getting your name out there growing and taking on new staff. IT is not just about fixing your machine when it goes wrong! That should be what’s expected…..It’s about going beyond giving a great service and added value. Listening to people’s needs and pain points – demonstrating what tech can do to improve and streamline your business.

Find out more about Jason Carlton and why he joined S-T-G.